Gleason's 'New Standard Map Of World 1892'

Gleason 1892 - New standard map of the world : on the projection of J. S. Christopher, Modern College, Blackheath, England ; scientifically and practically correct. 'As It Is'

Publisher: Buffalo Electrotype and Engraving Co.
Location: World

Alexander Gleason


What Is Truth?”  “Where And What Is The Standard?”  This is to be the first and prime interrogation of this work. If there is no standard, then each and every man is left to the merciless winds of doctrine, blown by every street vendor or theological quack.

There is no book or platform sufficient to contain all of God’s truth; the “five senses” are ours to exercise and improve, and while we would not advise independence of spirit, let us open our eyes! Be men, “prove all things; hold fast that which is good.:  If ther is a divine being who has given us our senses to act upon, and to judge between right and wrong, then we are responsible to that being in proportion to what he has given us. 

Having been very skeptical in our early life, and in our experience having found many who require demonstrated and infallible proof of whatever they believed, we propose to give that which we require-Proof.

It will be evident to every thoughtful mind, that truth in the abstract(so far as human agencies are concerned)< is of two opposing natures.  In order for you to get the run of my thought, I will say without fear of refutation, that there never was a COUNTERFEIT WITHOUT A GENUINE.  This is axiomatical and needs no proof.

The search for inhabitable worlds is a conditioning to get humans to agree

Grooming is a process of indoctrination where people are conditioned over time to adopt a principle more readily than if given the idea out of nowhere.  If I asked if you’d like a one way ticket to paradise world that has been discovered 100 years ago, and showed you the pictures and the rocket ship, you’d laugh.  If I show you a rocket today and the newspaper story about yet another near earth earth-like planet, you’d consider it.  Not long from now when technology and the media advances full throttle, you’d not think twice about the ticket and just go. This is because the destination happens to be the malevolent aliens building us up to be used as slaves for their world. Remember, we have to agree before it works for them regardless of our understanding.


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